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HIV/AIDS Medicaid Advocacy Toolkit

August 5, 2011 in HIV Health Care Access

Information and advocacy tools for grassroots organizations (PDFs)

Template message to advocacy networks about Medicaid Defense advocacy toolkit

Medicaid Defense Grassroots Communications Tips and Tools

Factsheet–Why Medicaid Matters to PLWHA

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Promoting Effective National HIV/AIDS Policies in Time of Fiscal Constraint

June 7, 2011 in ABAC Working Group, Everyone, Global AIDS Roundtable, HIV Health Care Access, HIV Prevention, Housing Working Group, Research Working Group, Ryan White Group

Ensure U.S. leadership in the response to HIV/AIDS

U.S. funding, expertise and leadership has helped to make HIV a treatable condition, allowing people living with the virus to return to work, raise families, pay taxes and contribute fully to their communities.  International action by the U.S. has also proven that HIV infection rates can be reduced and lifesaving treatment can be provided to millions of people in need.

Click on the provided link to read this issue brief by the Federal ADS Policy Partnership Promoting Effective National HIV/AIDS Policies in Time of Fiscal Constraint.