Working Groups & Documents

Federal AIDS Policy Partnership (FAPP) Affiliated Working Groups


AIDS Budget and Appropriations Coalition (ABAC) is an affiliated working group of the Federal AIDS Policy Partnership that advocates for increased resources for federal domestic HIV/AIDS programs across the federal government.  ABAC coordinates advocacy activities and appropriations requests among a variety of stakeholder organizations.  ABAC authors an annual funding chart, a grassroots letter to Congress, and organizes Dear Colleagues in the House and Senate for increased funding.  The membership of ABAC is over 60 national and community based organizations.

Global AIDS Policy Partnership (GAPP) is a coalition of advocacy and implementing organizations committed to ending AIDS for the next generation by expanding and improving global HIV and AIDS programming. The coalition focuses on all aspects of the global response to the AIDS pandemic. Membership to the GAPP is open to individuals representing organizations who are actively working on global AIDS issues globally. GAPP documents and other information will soon be available on a separate GAPP page. New members are admitted after a vote of the GAPP membership.

HIV Health Care Access Working Group (HHCAWG) is an affiliated working group of the Federal AIDS Policy Partnership that is committed to ensuring that people living with HIV/AIDS have access to appropriate, cost-effective health care and drug treatment.  The Working Group works to mobilize community participation and engagement in efforts to reduce barriers to care, treatment and essential support services.  The Working Group also works with Congress and the Administration to improve Medicaid, Medicare, and private insurance to maximize access to care and prevention services for persons at risk and/or living with HIV/AIDS and address systemic problems as they arise.  The Working Group is a coalition of over 100 national and community-based AIDS service organizations that represent HIV medical providers, public health, advocates and people living with HIV/AIDS.

        • HHCAWG Documents
        • For more information, please contact the co-chairs:   Robert Greenwald, Treatment Access Expansion Project (TAEP), Andrea Weddle HIV Medicine Association (HIVMA), and Amy Killelea, National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (NASTAD).

The Structural Interventions (SI) Working Group is a recently established affiliated working group of the Federal AIDS Policy Partnership that recognizes that social determinants of health drive the HIV epidemic. Support services such as housing, food and nutrition services, and vocational rehabilitation help low income PLWHA to comply with complex medical regimens, despite the rigors of living in poverty. Growing out of the HIV/AIDS Housing Working Group, the Structural Interventions Working Group seeks to coordinate a national strategy to ensure access to quality and affordable housing options, nutritious food and counseling support and vocational counseling and training services for all PLWHA who are in need. The membership is comprised of HIV/AIDS housing, food and employment advocates and service providers, as well as consumers committed to the provision of these supports as a powerful interventions to prevent the spread of the virus and help people achieve better health outcomes.

HIV/AIDS Prevention Action Coalition (HPAC) is an affiliated working group of the Federal AIDS Policy Partnership that addresses HIV prevention policies at the federal level.  The coalition is composed of national and community-based HIV/AIDS organizations that represent HIV medical providers, advocates, and people living with HIV/AIDS as well as community organizations that provide critical HIV related health care and support services.

Research Working Group is an affiliated working group of the Federal AIDS Policy Partnership that works to advance the HIV research agenda through relationship building with NIH, CDC and other HIV research funders, identifying gaps in HIV research, educating policy makers on the value of HIV research (for the field, but also for the broader research enterprise), and increasing federal funding through advocacy and coalition building.

            • Research Working Group Documents
            • For more information, please contact the co-chairs:  Kevin Fisher, AVAC: Global Advocacy for HIV Prevention; or Kimberly Miller, HIV Medicine Association.

Ryan White Work Group is an affiliated working group of the Federal AIDS Policy Partnership committed to ensuring that the Ryan White Program continues to provide appropriate primary care and treatment and support services to uninsured and underinsured individuals living with HIV/AIDS.  The Work Group works on the reauthorization of the Ryan White CARE Act, implementation of changes to the law, interaction with other private and public health programs, and on-going communication with HRSA.